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In my defense, I am a good starter


Ever have those weeks where you can never get anything finished? How about a whole month?

I feel somewhat guilty. I started a blog and then had nothing to post. We are all busy; other life obligations sometimes get in the way of the things we really want to do. Please accept my apologies along with this partial excuse. (I can’t believe I am about to pull the “I am sorry, but…”) In my defense I am a good starter, just not an excellent finisher.

Since everything I am working on is taking time, I thought I would give you a peak into what I have been up to.

About a minute after starting my blog, I realized hey I am not ready for this. I have a cape cod and a large room upstairs that is barely touched but houses my craft stuff, my extra clothes and serves as a seldom used family room/office. It didn’t take me long to figure out if I was going to post projects and I was going to try to use stuff I already have for many of those projects I better fix it up. I give you the following pictures, not with pride, but with the understanding if I am going to share my life sometimes I have to share the ugly.

I am sure I have mentioned this before: I love Pinterest!!!  I have an “E” in almost every room in our home.  The initial is for our last name.  Since my first name and last name share the same initial, I have to clarify this.  I saw quite a few takes on the initials and had to try one out. ec is where I am at right now with this project.  Surprisingly it takes the glue a while to dry.  I have to let it dry in one area before I can start another.

Elmers glue on an initial purchased at JoAnn’s


I saw this gallery wall on a pin the lead me to Tatertots and Jello’s blogpost on creating a family gallery wall.  Seriously this post totally change how I think about my entryway.  I already read her blog and was glad I saw the pin that linked me to this gorgeousness.  In a earlier post, I showed you how I painted my radiator.  Sooner or later, I will post what Tatertots and Jello inspired me to create.


Tatertots and Jello’s Family Gallery Wall. Seriously isn’t she amazing. I love her blog


Roxy is bell trained.  If she needs to go out she rings her set of bells.  I couldn’t redo the entryway without fixing the mess that is her bells.  I have maybe 15 minutes left of work to complete this.  Really I have no excuse for this one.  I could use a swift kick of motivation, since Roxy’s longing look she gives me when she stands where her bells once were doesn’t seem  enough for me to get this job done.  I am a bad dog mother.


The bells before

A glimpse of what is to come












Did you ever get Craigslist buyer remorse?  It took my husband and I  a mere five minutes after we loaded this shelf into the car.  It was purchased as part of the effort to organize my supplies.  I have already thought of another use for it so for now I am reserving my right to change my mind on its purpose.  This is particle board so painting it takes time.  I really want those layers to cure.




Well enough whining for now.  Maybe I should do a little less talking and a lot more working.  How about you, what do you have waiting to get finished?  Do you ever feel like starting a project is your thing?






  1. Erica, I followed you over here from your Thrifty Decor comment. (I think it was the “fickle my fancy” blog title that, well … “fickled my fancy!”) I am so glad I found your blog – you are such a kindred spirit. I was reading a book today about remaking your home to remake your life. In answer to the question, “What does your home say about you?”, I had to answer that it honestly says, I have a jillion good intentions started, but am not good at finishing them! Sooooo, it was rather nice to find someone else admitting to this! Loved reading about your projects and am inspired to go finish some of my own. Think I will tackle cleaning out the sunroom so I can stain the concrete floor. (Been on my to-do-list for years!)

    • Thank you Jackie. I am so glad to find a kindred spirit. You wouldn’t believe how much so. Doing the concrete floor on my sun porch is on my list. I wake up early Saturday mornings obsessed with starting and hopefully finishing that project. I want to stencil the floor as well. Please let me know how your floor turns out